Our website is currently only available in Dutch. Most performances we have to offer, however, are concerts by international artists and orchestra's. These events are very suitable for non-Dutch speakers. Our staff will gladly help you in English and most of the staff will be able to help you in French as well. Don't be afraid to call or ask. 

Of course, De Bijloke is also an architectural marvel in the historic centre of Ghent. The site combines a 13th century grand hall with modern architecture. De Bijloke is a must-visit place for internationals who love classical music, jazz, contemporary arts and architecture. You can get a general idea of the place by watching te video tour (above).

You can find an overview of what's on on this section of the website (in Dutch). 

You can also view the programme with in English using Google translate, but keep in mind that goofy machine translations are a possibility... 

You can order tickets 24/7 trough the website, but if you prefer to order in your own language, please call 09 323 61 00 (tue-fri 13-17) or email us at tickets@debijloke.be