Performance door Gwen Rouger
6 april


Charlie Sdraulig, Collector


CARAVAN is een concert voor één toeschouwer. Het vindt plaats in de kleine, bescheiden en hoogst intieme ruimte van een caravan op de Bijlokesite.


The experimentation happens in a small caravan. As a real invitation for a musical journey, this caravan plays with the evocation of freedom and the exploration of wild spaces and while provoking a very singular intimacy. A home' away from home', a return to the nomad that dozes in the depths of each of us. The concert takes place in a public space. The caravan is small and can be folded. Thus, it can provide a space within another space, for instance in a barn, an exhibition space, a reception hall, an art gallery, a big living-room, a library; but also, outside in a mall, an airport, a train station, a street, a square. The spectator experiences the concert inside the caravan with the pianist while the passers-by can glimpse inside the caravan through only one window. Maybe, by chance, they will have the opportunity to hear few sounds from far away. They become slight voyeurs, stirring their curiosity.



Gwen Rouger, Concept en performance